Our Pune-based construction company is under the guided leadership of Ajit G. Nahar. Mr. Ajit started his career with extensive marketing and distribution of electrical household wires, switches, cables, fans, and other home appliances. In 1995, Ajit entered into the segment of the residential construction business in and around the Indian city of Pune in the state of Maharashtra.
Ajit Construction was incorporated with the vision of creating a business model to identify and nurture the best and brightest talent in the world of residential construction. Thereafter, Mr. Ajit empowered them to improve operational excellence while creating a work culture of integrity, professionalism, and fortitude,with the requirements and satisfaction of the clients as the guiding principle.

Mr. Ajit still maintains his ideology that first-hand field experience is truly and still the best experience that anyone can receive in his or her career. He is of the view that we all, irrespective of our position and designation, must always be open and happy to interact with colleagues whether they are young or industry veterans to learn and grow from their innovative ideas and experience. He has been of the firm view that it.

is good to be vulnerable as the greatest of leaders the world has seen were not the know-it-all individuals and an opportunity to learn here and there just makes each one of us a better and responsible person.

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